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30 Sep, 2021



Stress is the body’s reaction to a challenge, which could be anything from outright physical danger to asking someone for a date or trying out for a sports team. Stress of some level is good for reflexes and performance.

It can be acute , episodic acute or chronic acute depending on severity.

It takes toll in the form from cognitive symptoms to physical, emotional and behavioral changes.

Unrealistic expectations, peer pressure, all or none thinking, overgeneralizing things, jumping to conclusions, magnification and labelling ourselves with negative tags etc can all lead to stress.

Don't be harsh to yourselves or your kids. Keep realistic expectations. Let them follow their dreams under your guidance. Look for opportunities to reinforce them. Build on their strengths rather than pinpointing their weakness all the time.

It is high time to understand the real meaning of being a happy soul than an aimless horse in the never ending race.

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