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30 Sep, 2021

On Air - Psychology of Road rage

On Air - Psychology of Road rage

Management of stress, anxiety and aggression in children and adults.

"Congested roads, busy schedules, and idiots on the road are a fact of life. But road rage can escalate, to fatal extremes, very quickly. Urban planners and psychologists alike have studied the external and internal factors that contribute to aggressive, reckless, and vengeful driving. They’ve shown just how complicated and contagious it is, and how there’s no easy answer to such a persistent problem.

“You’re in a car, and it's kind of a weapon, and you're in a protected environment, and you think no one's going to be able to get to you,”. So, if you get cut off by another driver, you might feel that you can give them the finger without any direct consequence. But the problem is, you don’t have any idea how the other person will respond to that provocation. “I say that to people all the time, ‘Don't assume that the other person is you,’”. “You don't know how nuts they are. You don't know that they don't have a gun in their glove compartment."

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